NEHC Players Named as AHCA All America Scholars

GLOUCESTER, Mass. - The American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) has announced the names of their All-American Scholars. To qualify, a student-athlete must have attained a 3.75 GPA for the fall semester and participated in 40% of their school’s games. A small number of waivers to the 40% participation requirement were granted due to injury or for back-up goaltenders.

All ten New England Hockey Conference (NEHC) institutions from the men’s division had representation on the list for a total of 75 student-athletes earning the recognition.

A full list of NEHC honorees can be found below.

Andrew Barber, Sophomore Defense, Castleton University
Matt Bloomer, Junior Defense, Castleton University
Chris Butryn, Junior Defense, Castleton University
Jacob Erwin, Senior Forward, Castleton University
Brian Leonard, Senior Forward, Castleton University
Jahwara Rennals, Sophomore Defense, Castleton University
Kyle Sargent, Freshman Defense, Castleton University
Anton Tarvainen, Sophomore Forward, Castleton University
Troy Taylor, Senior Defense, Castleton University
Glenn Wiswell, Junior Forward, Castleton University

P.A. Martineau, Sophomore Forward, Hobart College
Garrett McGowan, Junior Goalie, Hobart College
Alec Robitaille, Junior Forward, Hobart College
Travis Schneider, Junior Forward, Hobart College
Mitchell Spring, Junior Defenseman, Hobart College

Matt Bernot, Senior Forward, Johnson & Wales University
Michael Camasso, Freshman Goalie, Johnson & Wales University
Conor Cassidy, Senior Forward, Johnson & Wales University
Breck Crawford, Freshman Defenseman, Johnson & Wales University
Graham Day, Junior Forward, Johnson & Wales University
Will DelVerne, Sophomore Defenseman, Johnson & Wales University
Joe Noonan, Senior Goalie, Johnson & Wales University
Hunter Ross, Freshman Defenseman, Johnson & Wales University
Jeremy Skaife, Freshman Goalie, Johnson & Wales University
Austin Withycombe, Sophomore Forward, Johnson & Wales University

Jacob Adkins, Freshman Forward, UMass Boston
Davis Browning, Freshman Defenseman, UMass Boston
Derek Caruso, Senior Forward, UMass Boston
Nicholas Daluisio, Freshman Defenseman, UMass Boston
Nolan Egbert, Sophomore Goalie, UMass Boston
Ethan Osburn, Freshman Defenseman, UMass Boston
Joseph Petruzzella, Freshman Defenseman, UMass Boston
Evan Rochowiak, Sophomore Forward, UMass Boston
Andrew Walker, Freshman Forward, UMass Boston

Daniel Bergqvist, Senior Forward, New England College
Connor Dunn, Sophomore Defenseman, New England College
David Good, Junior Forward, New England College
Connor Inger, Sophomore Forward, New England College
Chris Maratea, Sophomore Defenseman, New England College
Nikita Pintusov, Sophomore Forward, New England College
Anthony Pupplo, Senior Goalie, New England College
Ryan Walsh, Senior Defenseman, New England College

Andrew Albano, Freshman Goalie, Norwich University
Braedyn Aubin, Freshman Forward, Norwich University
Tom Aubrun, Senior Goalie, Norwich University
Ryan Boucher, Junior Forward, Norwich University
Felix Brassard, Junior Forward, Norwich University
Gabriel Chicoine, Sophomore Defense, Norwich University
Philip Elgstam, Freshman Forward, Norwich University
Michael Korol, Junior Forward, Norwich University
Taeron Lewis, Senior Forward, Norwich University
Alex Monteleone, Sophomore Defense, Norwich University
Brett Ouderkirk, Sophomore Forward, Norwich University
Connor Swystun, Junior Defenseman, Norwich University

Tim Allen, Senior Forward, Skidmore College
Owen Campbell, Senior Forward, Skidmore College
Tyler Hall, Junior Defenseman, Skidmore College
Brandon Kasel, Senior Goalie, Skidmore College
Brian Kowalski, Junior Goalie, Skidmore College
John Litscher, Senior Forward, Skidmore College
Matt Muzyka, Junior Forward, Skidmore College
Austin Rook, Sophomore Defenseman, Skidmore College
Matt Wolf, Senior Forward, Skidmore College

Ethan Bassile, Senior Forward, University of Southern Maine
Tyler Gardiner, Sophomore Forward, University of Southern Maine
Jesse Kesetnbaum, Sophomore Defenseman, University of Southern Maine
Paul Leger, Senior Goalie, University of Southern Maine
Adam Withers, Sophomore Forward, University of Southern Maine

Matt Buchar, Junior Forward, Suffolk University
Joe Feeney, Sophomore Forward, Suffolk University
John Garrity, Sophomore Forward, Suffolk University
Alex Kolowrat, Freshman Forward, Suffolk University
Phillip Kreuser, Senior Forward, Suffolk University
Shawn Montgomery, Sophomore Forward, Suffolk University
Billy Roche, Sophomore Defenseman, Suffolk University